Spa Bathroom Design


Do you love the feeling you get when you enter the spa? Do you wish to soak away the day’s stresses in a soothing, luxury tub? By remodeling your bathroom to give it spa-like features, you do not only get a spa that is right within your home but you also get to have one you that don’t have to pay to get into.


Spa Colors

If your bathroom is to feel and look as relaxing as spa then the remodel will have to involve making the right choice when it comes to the color palate you choose. Your best bet lies in choosing refreshing colors that are cool such as white, blue or light gray. Such colors not only serve to calm the senses but they also have a stress-reducing effect. For maximum effect of this strategy choose accessories that compliment the colors. This way the spa bathroom will exude a look and feeling of cleanliness and freshness.



While doing your bathroom remodel, your designer will assist you in picking out the perfect flooring to evoke spa luxury. Perhaps a beautiful faux wood floor or a relaxing tile design is your style. You could even add bamboo mats outside of your shower or tub. This will not only give your bathroom a luxurious feeling but also serenity and warmth.


Showers and Tubs

No spa is complete without a grand soaking tub and a beautifully tiled shower. Your spa tub should be the feature of your room. A free standing soaker tub or a drop in jetted tub will provide you a wonderful space to sooth your day. Your shower could have multiple sprays and even a seating bench. A walk in design would maintain the look and feel of a spa



You want to create a sense of softness but still be able to see clearly while applying make-up. You should use various types of lighting in different areas of your spa-like bathroom design. Dimmer switches can also help soften the lighting the bathroom. The dim lights are important because they soothe you when you are soaking the tub.



Candles, music, lush towels: these are all spa staples. Add a small table next to your tub for candle and your docking station. Purchase luxury towels which will always wrap you in calmness when you use them. You may add a decorative shelf to hold your towels. There really is no end to the amount of spa accessories that are available. Don’t overwhelm your bathroom in accessories though as that will take away from the calmness.

A bathroom remodel whose aim is to turn your bathroom into a spa doesn’t have to be complicated. If you choose the right colors, feature and accessories, you will be relaxing in no time. By hiring a professional you will be able to create the luxurious look and feel of a spa right in your own home.


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