Emily Miller

When entering a space I always absorb all aspects.  What are the colors? What forms are preferred?  My innate ability to do this has always allowed me to create beautiful spaces that flow well throughout a home.  I love using new or unexpected materials to create exciting and unique spaces.  I always am cognizant of who I’m designing for and strive to create a space that is pleasing and functional.


I have a BFA for Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art—Schaumburg.  My design experience gamut includes Modern, Rustic, Victorian, Nautical/Coastal, Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Mediterranean, and French Country.  I’m an expert in tile with wonderful color memory and a flare for lighting selection.


When not designing I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and working on various art or craft projects.  I’m also an avid dog lover.  If you have a dog I will ask to pet it.  My grandmother once told me I have a wild imagination and I’ve always made sure to put it to good use.  Seeing the things I dream up become reality is incredibly rewarding and is why I love what I do!  (Plus our team rocks!!! 🙂 )