Kitchen Designs that Refuse to Quit

A Guide to Helpful Kitchen Design

Everyone wants to have a tasteful kitchen that’s the talk of the neighborhood.  Having a timeless kitchen is something many homeowners strive to achieve for not only clout but personal satisfaction.  Classic kitchen designs, that will never go out of style, guarantee comfort and contentment. A lot of time’s dedicated to prepping and cooking meals day-in-and-day-out; a kitchen renovation can revitalize these drab and mundane motions by creating an entirely new environment to work in.  Outlined below are five traditional kitchen trends that promise to deliver.

White Cabinets

Having white cabinets in your kitchen is a trend that traces back to New England heritage. In today’s day and age, white cabinets are no longer only found in cottages in the cape. They can be found in many different style homes, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. What makes white cabinets classic is the clean and airy feel they bring to any kitchen. White cabinets can lend an area a sense of spaciousness.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker panel cabinets are also known as flat paneled doors. This design is traced back to Shaker communities as far back as the 1800s. These cabinets are loved for their simplicity and utility. These are timeless cabinets that will complement the room. The historical foundation of these cabinets ensures them as a must for consideration.

Mixing Your Furniture

This term can be a bit confusing to some. To clarify, this is taking pieces that could be furniture in their own right and repurposing them. Using an old cart as an island can be a perfect example of this. Refinishing old furniture can be the ideal way to incorporate timeless pieces into kitchen designs.  Give your kitchen a facelift while sparing your wallet.


Incorporating marble anywhere in your kitchen is easy. You can have floors, a backsplash, or even accents throughout the room. Marble is truly historic and trendy right now. It has been seen in ancient castles and updated homes of today. Ancient Greeks used marble for statues that still stand today. This alone speaks for the durability of marble. It can be an excellent material for surfaces that experience a lot of traffic such as countertops or floors. Marble irrefutably belongs within the pantheon of timeless kitchen designs given its versatility and wide-spread adoration.

Hardwood Flooring

Almost everyone prefers to have hardwood flooring over carpet. This design traces back to colonial times; many homes during this era featured hardwood flooring. They’re durable and easy to clean; any homeowners dream. Hardwood flooring also adds a beautiful accent to any home, with the mesmerizing patterns in the woodgrain. Making it a truly timeless design.

When looking for designs to make your kitchen genuinely classic, look at the key elements: cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Creating a layout that will withstand the test of time can be a bit challenging. Looking at homes throughout history can give you an idea of what looked good then and still look appropriate now. Authentic Concepts Kitchen & Bath Design is here to help implement whatever designs you have in mind and breathe life into your dream remodel.